Bellator 180

While freelancing with  Nathaniel Howe Studios I had the opportunity to design boards for Bellator NYC, the first Bellator MMA fight in Madison Square Garden.


Direction 01

My main goal for this direction was putting focus on the intensity of the fighter and the event location (Madison Square Garden) I used a black and white color palette with a punch of red to control legibility. The animation technique I had in mind was cel-animated 2D graphics mixed with punchy in-your-face typography animation and stop motion style video of the fighters highlighting key moments.


Direction 02

This direction was inspired by broken grid typography. I wanted to create a toolkit-able design that could translate across multiple fighters and locations.

I was responsible for the rotoscope and color treatment on the fighters, and versioning out the final video. Final Design was done by Kyle Smith at Nathaniel Howe Studios.